About Me

Julie Ricks, the founder of Ruby Violet Publishing house, attended both USC and Chico State in California, earning both a BA in English and a Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing. In August, 2011 she will  begin a program working toward an MA in a division of Library Science.

She was both an editor and production manager for “Watershed,” Chico State’s literary magazine, published twice a year; an editor for Flume Press, the university’s private press, where she was the only student who picked the winning chapbook submission in 2008, “And Still the Music” by Alison Townsend. (Students winnow submissions, professors judge and pick winner.), interned as an assistant editor for one semester and then volunteered for another year at www.narrativemagazine.com.

Julie writes daily on her various blogs; won at NaNoWriMo last November; has written several successful grants for non-profits; and is writing her own supernatural YA novel, no vampires or werewolves to be seen, thank you!

Contact Julie about publishing your manuscript, or editing services and rates. Julie knows good writing when she sees it. It might be you.