Sunday, July 31, 2011

Available Now: FAR FROM LUCK by Charles O'Hay

It is now available on for Kindle, and Smashwords (in various incantations including iTunes), and is now available on Barnes and Noble for Nook!!

It will be available as an ebook on,, and in the next 24-48 hours. Although this book was not published under the Ruby Violet imprimatur, but Lucky Bat Books, I am proud to have been the editor and layout editor for this collection. A publish on demand (POD) offering of Far From Luck will be available shortly as well.

I have followed Charles' work for many years on his blog, It Ain't All Pizzas and Ice Cream, and often wondered why he'd never been published--I found his work to be magical, edgy, dark, and inspiring all at once, and at times witty and poignant.Well, how naive I was--he had been published many, many times, and was the recipient of a 1995 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in poetry. But he had never published a collection of his work. Until now.
When I met publisher Cindie Geddes of Lucky Bat Books, she told me about the new publishing paradigm, that authors are taking command of their works, their names, and their royalties, and I asked her if she would give me freelance editorial work and possibly mentor me. She said yes to both. And I'm very grateful.

This has been a labor of love for me--I did it all for free--Charles has had a tough row to hoe in his life, and managed to survive and thrive, and I admire that attribute in a person--perseverance. And it is my honor that he allowed me, a newbie not sure what she was doing, to make this fine book a realization.

There is still much to do as far as the POD (print) edition goes, but I am confident that we can git 'er done. But for those of you with ereaders, one day this week, go to the bookseller of your choice online, and buy a copy of Far From Luck. You won't be disappointed.

Thank you again, Charles O'Hay.

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